Buena Purse Story

Buena Purse

Buena Purse is a brand set up by a group of artisans that selling quality-made purses. We have our own brick and mortar stores in Taiwan and an online store. We make things that matter and weave joy into every purse. We integrate collaborative, conscious, human-centered design into every step of our work.


Purses made in Taiwan

We scour the country and other parts of the world for the best materials because we want our products to last for a really long time. We also offer customization to our customers. Some of our purses are made with real leather. We and our customers love the fascinating and unique qualities of this type of material. Real leather is extremely resistant to elements, and it is also durable and flexible and cannot be measured. We also have a line that creates hand-painted and crafted clutches that are one-of-a-kind unique pieces-of-art. The purses we offer range from fun and funky to sophisticated and chic, so customers can select those that fit their tastes.

Eco-friendliness & Happiness

All of our purses and clutches are crafted in Taiwan which are sustainable and kind to the earth. Some of the purses are hand-cut from natural canvas, hand-painted in original old and colourful designs and then meticulously sewn., making each purse unique and truly one-of-a-kind.


Our studio is always messy everyday, but we all feel a messy studio is a happy studio, we call it an organized mess. Almost each one of our artisans are experienced and good with color. So they can find the perfect chemistry & consistency of each color to make the purse retain that perfect look.


About packaging

We are very happy to work with Harryprint. Although designing is not alien to us, but we found it really easy to put our idea and imagination onto the paper at Harryprint. Designing a package is just as easy as pie here. And sometimes, we just don’t need that much boxes, we’re a growing business, and we find that it’s really nice to order from Harryprint with a minimum order number of 29 a time.