Lovely Soap Story

Lovely Soap


“We're on a mission to create all handmade soaps that are free of harsh ingredients and full of nourishing plant-based goodies to make your skin happy.”

-----Leslie Anderson, Founder of Lovely Soap


I’m Leslie, organic gardener, soap maker and Lovely Soap founder. I’m happy to share my story with you and why I chose Harryprint for our packaging.


The Power of Nature

7 years ago, I was an ordinary professional, like many others, commuting to work, doing the 9-5 and buying everything I used in the home. While there’s one day, I came to realize that I wasn’t happy with my life - the life I wanted to live and the path I was on had a big disconnect. From then, I slowed my pace and started to listen to my heart and follow it. I knew I wanted to live a simpler and more fulfilling life.


I left the city and came to the island where I was grown up to start the dream life, I learned how to grow herbs and vegetables and how to use them to make soap products. This is how I had the brand Lovely Soap.



Making Soap

Through trial and error, a lot of time spent scouring the internet and books, and quite a few unsuccessful batches, I now have a successful process and a great range of products. Some of it is used at home in the bath, kitchen, and even laundry. I now love sharing tips on how to make natural soap.

Garden Living

The two most important topics about Lovely Soap are organic gardening and natural soap. We use the edibles we grow to make our plant based soap products. We believe that our natural human habitat is equal parts nature, home, and community and that an edible garden can bring it all together. We really can improve our lives and the environment through growing and making our own.


The packaging of Eco Beauty Wellness


Each box of Eco Beauty Wellness is a meticulously designed piece of great graphic design. Most importantly, the packaging of Eco Beauty Wellness combines solid branding and a memorable, artsy vibe, without sacrificing one for another. Printing space is used in a clever way so that the company's logo attracts attention but there is much more than what meets the eye at first sight.


Moreover, it's an interesting case of abstract design, which imbues the whole box with an unprecedented style. We believe that highest-quality products, required a dedicated packaging solution that would capture the premium essence of the brand. If you're looking for an original idea for your products’ packaging, Harryprint might be the ANSWER.