Ribbon & Village Brand Story With Harryprint

Ribbon & Village

I was an artist who majored in literature and I have done many works before I have my brand Ribbon & Village, dedicated to making quality leather belts. There was a period that I was busy with making a living that I had little time for my life and the charming things I’m obsessed with. Now, I’m happy yo say I love my daily life which makes me fulfilled. The path to this point was literally not easy, but I’m proud to say I found the way to channel my energy into something that can also make people in the community also love and desire.


I’m David Green, founder of Ribbon & Village, I’m happy to share my story here about my brand and the reasons I pick Harryprint for my products’ packaging.

The brand concept

All of our leather belts are hand-made, produced in my workshop from start to finish. I treasure authentic leather products and insist on having each one made by hand, using traditional techniques that can be dated back hundreds of years and united with modern design.


I have physical stores in both Malaysia and Spain and I’m also running the online shop. My workshop is based on the shores of the Mediterranean, where I have the space to create my handcrafted goods. All my shops are designed to open the world of the artisan to the public exposing them to a world of leather-craft with all its' complexities and charm.

About the materials

Leathers are curated for future use and subsequently made available to my clients. Most of the material is locally sourced from the towns in my city to better control the source. Buckles of our belts are made using the lost wax technique, cast in a local foundry and polished in my workshop. I believe that in today’s life, making a first-class product with almost entirely regionally-produced materials, hand-crafted and constructed to last the test of time is not a dream.


Spreading the art via Harryprint packaging

We love working with Harryprint that produces the packaging the drives re-usability and brings out the core elements of our brand to the consumer. We believe that top design can effortlessly bring out our brand identity featured in a pattern. At Harryprint, design becomes easy, and you would be surprised every time by your own work design. Even more satisfied when you see it in realize.


Harryprint is really trusted and I love their idea to build the brand for the new generations that are less driven by consumerism and more on practicality. I can say that their packaging is long-lasting, well-made and usable.