Passion for Fashion Store: Go Dress

Go Dress is a brand created from passion, with a thoughtful design sensibility guided by input from real women. Women are not defined by size but their unique beauty. Go Dress is a clothes rental site designed for women who wear plus sizes that find getting quality clothes is a big challenge.

The founder Ying Li, who was born in China and raised in Paris said, “Everyone has challenges in their day to day life, but to find that some women are faced with getting quality and awesome clothes for their daily life really evoked me and I feel  this is a problem we know we can take on. ”


How much do you know about plus-size clothing and the rental of it? Let’s see what Ying brought with us.


How does Go Dress work?

Here we have our site Before renting any clothes, you are suggested  to first take our style quiz if you are new to our site. And then we’ll curate a selection of styles with help from our algorithm and professional stylists. you can adjust your needs whenever. And later, you are going to select 1-5 you favourite styles and have them delivered to your door. We have all the styles to satisfy every occasion your demanding life requires. You can return each item at your convenience, or purchase favorites at a discount.



What inspired you to start this brand?

I have been in the fashion industry for a long time. And it was during a casual conversation with a friend of mine who wears plus sizes that I learned of the challenges she had getting dressed every morning due to lack of quality clothing available in her size. Instantly, I became emotionally charged to change the plus-size fashion narrative.


Are the clothes for renting designed by your company?

Yes. Designing clothing is a humbling endeavor, and building a brand from scratch is even more challenging, but we know that there is hunger for what we have to offer. When you can create a unique piece that inspires a woman to go out and make her impact on the world, it makes the struggle worth it.


Why do you love Harryprint boxes?

The e-commerce world is becoming more and more aware of the importance of sustainable business practices. Even small, local brands are striving to reduce their carbon footprint by using eco-friendly packaging or optimizing production processes. 

Especially in the fashion industry.

To our company, eco-friendliness is a crucial issue. That’s why we decided to work with Harryprint at the first time.


How do you see packaging in the success of your business?

Packaging is the first touchpoint between the customer and the online brand. That being said, well-designed boxes are extremely important in creating a rewarding first impression. This is the first and last reason we pick Harrprint to be responsible for our boxes.