Asian spirit Kawaii Glam Story

Kawaii Glam

Kawaii Glam is brand with an Asian spirit. The company sells Japanese-made high-quality skincare goods. Each box is meticulously created to meet the essence of Kawaii. Let’s start from the very beginning, how this brand was given the life!

Meet Founder - Katherine Cho

I was born in California, while raised in Tokyo. People around me are all have a skin-first philosophy - they believe that skincare is an investment in their overall well-being and I am one of them. So when I was out of college, I decided to do something related to beauty and skincare. I have talked to a lot of people around the world from all ages and cultures who are very willing to try the Japanese skincare products. This is part of the reason that led me to learn everything related to skincare and I earned an esthetician lisence. After that, I set up Kawaii Glam with the vision to bring the best of both Western and Japanese practices to skincare.

Whats the best you get through Kawaii Glam?

The best is that I become the expert on my own skin and I know I’m on the way to make my skin the healthiest it can be. What’s more, it’s an amazing feeling to share my knowledge of skincare in our community and it’s really satisfying to see people trusting you and change the perspective of skin and the way they treat them. Their skin really transform better and being more confident, this is the best!



The packaging of Kawaii Glam

The packaging of Kawaii Glam matches the contemporary mood of the entire brand. The design is very clean and minimalist. The boxes we used for Kawaii products can be used as a shipping solution for our online store and they also complement the image of the brand.


“We wanted the packaging design of Kawaii to be clean ans aesthetic, adhering to the philosophy that less is more. A few, but high-quality skincare products are better than dozens of ineffective ones.”



The philosophy of Kawaii

We encourage a skin-first approach, instead of covering up skin issues with makeup, it’s best to treat the root cause before it starts. Beautiful skin is the motto of Kawaii.

And we believe our packaging, being simple but ideally matching design, complements the vision of Kawaii Glam.