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  • Cardboard Drawer Box
    Its simple shape and elegant appearance  are perfect for jewelry, watch and other small objects.It is very suitable to give to guests as a present at a wedding, christening or any other type of event.
  • Cardboard Envelopes
    A rigid, printed envelope. Great for delivering documents, vouchers and gift cards.
  • Carrier Box
    This box comprises of flap closure, lid, drawer and glued bottom. This kit of take away boxes is ideal for food stores and restaurants who want beautiful packaging to give their customers.
  • Classic Product Box
    Its top-opening shape and printed cardboard is  practical and fun, Which is perfect for retail stores, such as: cosmetics and christening invitations or also for medicine. Its surprise opening makes it perfect for giving gifts.There is no glue.
  • Custom Cake Box
    It is used to carry your decorated cake in order not to be damaged.The handle on top of these boxes makes them convenient and easy to handle.These boxes can be customized in all shapes and sizes as according to your requirement.
  • Custom Tissue Paper
    Custom tissue paper is the perfect addition to any branded packaging solution. You can design online by using your logo and one of our templates.
  • Double-Sided Mailer Box
    This design is simple and easy to open and close the tabs.This box style can be customized to any size and style with colorful print inside.
  • E-commerce Delivery Box
    A bespoke delivery box with adhesive strips and black print. Designed for E-commerce businesses.
  • E-commerce Delivery Box
    A sturdy cardboard box with adhesive strips and black print. Designed for E-commerce businesses.
  • Eco / Eco White Mailer Box

    Its recycled material makes them popular among people who are care about the environment.It is perfect for clothing, food, anything that occurs to you!

  • Eco Color Mailer Box

    They are designed with a non-glue  simple structure and are durable . They can be printed in several other colors and are available in all shapes and sizes. Which gives the objects inside protection.

  • Full Colour Mailer Box

     They can be stylized and printed according to your thoughts. These boxes can provide the protective shield for the objects inside in order to avoid the environmental and human damages.