Courier delivery

  • Do you ship to Malta, Cyprus, Canary Islands, Balearic Islands, Ceuta and Melilla?
  • Do you include palette shipping in your free shipping policy?
  • I can't find the costs of shipping anywhere on the website, why is that?
  • What is the difference between parcel delivery and delivery on pallets?
  • Do you ship abroad?
  • The shipping document does not work
  • How much does courier delivery cost?
  • Why has the courier refused to deliver my boxes at door step?
  • Can I collect my boxes personally?
  • Will I receive a confirmation that my boxes have been sent?

General information

  • In what form will you deliver my boxes?
  • What forms of delivery do you offer?


  • Will you inform me once the boxes are ready?
  • Can I collect my boxes personally?