E-commerce Delivery Box

E-commerce Delivery Box

A bespoke delivery box with adhesive strips and black print. Designed for E-commerce businesses.


Loved by e-commerce brands

Ready for delivery of products sold online.

Double-strip functionality

Top-notch security with one or two adhesive strips.

Eco-conscious choice

Produced from recycled cardboard and eco-friendly ink.

Shipping Never Looked So Good
Natural Kraft
Natural Kraft Cardboard
Corrugated cardboard made of three layers.. It’s smooth to touch and pleasant to the eye.
Water-Based Black Ink
Printed with high-quality black ink. A rich and intense colour ideal for a minimalist design.

Package Delivered. Safe and Sound.

The sturdy construction of e-commerce delivery boxes makes them a natural choice for shipping. With a top surface, perfect for your branding, your customer will immediately know they’ve got what they’ve been waiting for. Greet your customers with a higher standard of shipping.
Design yours

Send & Return

Two adhesive strips to seal and reseal the box in the blink of an eye. No peeking inside the box and no additional tape needed to secure it. This is how functional packaging for online retailers should be.
Start designing
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Design your E-commerce Delivery Boxes within minutes.
Corrugated cardboard (three layers)
390 E (AS55, AS73, AS80), 435 B white (AS91), 455 B kraft (AS91)
Color options
Printing process
Flexography printing
Hot Melt glue


For E-commerce Delivery Boxes, your design may only be printed on the top of the box. By having your design only on top of the box, there will be more excitement from your customers to open the package. All of their attention will be focused on the area where the box is opened. With such a minimalist design other distractions will be eliminated, and your customer will be more likely to remember your brand!

Although, if you want to your E-commerce Delivery Boxes to have your design printed on other areas, please fill out the “Get a Quote” form to get a packaging specially made for your brand.

Yes! If you would like custom-sized boxes, please fill out the “Get a Quote” form.

Please be aware that the minimum order quantity for custom-sized boxes is 1500 pieces.

It is possible to print your design in other colours! This option is done through a complex process called flexography, where each different colour is applied as a new layer. Each layer needs its own time to dry before applying the next one. This option requires a minimum order quantity of 1500 pieces.

E-commerce Delivery Boxes are made with recycled cardboard and are printed with water-based black ink. It’s the perfect packaging solution for eco-friendly brands.

E-commerce Delivery Boxes are a perfect solution for shipping. The box is sturdy enough to protect your products. With the adhesive strip, the box will remain secured until they reach your customer’s door. With a second adhesive strip, the box is perfect for customer returns or exchanges, making it ideal for online retailers.

The AS73 (370 x 290 x 70 mm) has been specially designed for larger fashion garments. It’s perfect to make a trendsetting statement that brings out the value of your brand. This size is also the ideal choice to ship blouses, trousers, shoes and other clothing items. The AS55 (290 x 185 x 70 mm) also works for smaller items like accessories or smaller pieces of clothing.

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