Eco / Eco White Mailer Box
Eco / Eco White Mailer Box
Eco / Eco White Mailer Box
Eco / Eco White Mailer Box
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Eco / Eco White Mailer Box

Its recycled material makes them popular among people who are care about the environment.It is perfect for clothing, food, anything that occurs to you!


Customer rating

Used by thousands of e-commerce and retail brands.

Designed for e-commerce

A light shipping box that’s ideal to safely deliver any type of product.

An eco-friendly choice

Made from a minimum of 90% recycled material and fully recyclable.

A Touch of Organic Charm
Eco White
Natural Kraft Cardboard
Corrugated natural kraft cardboard that’s smooth and satisfying to touch. Rigid and secure thanks to the three layers of paperboard.
Water-based black ink
Digitally printed with water-based ink. Rich blacks create a vivid contrast, ideal for minimalistic design.

Packaging that helps the environment

Corrugated cardboard made from 90% recycled content. Printed with water-based ink and ready to be used again.
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For brands reducing their carbon footprint

An environmentally conscious choice that aligns with your business goals. Minimalistic designs and all-natural materials emphasize your brand’s commitment to the environment.
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Get inspired


Product packaging is your brand’s promise. Austrian brand Sheyn took its product design and mimicked it on the surface of their Eco boxes. An unusual idea complemented the brand’s inventive character and laid the foundations for a memorable unboxing experience.

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Corrugated cardboard
1.5mm thick, 340 g/m2
Color options
Printing process
Digital Printing
Recycled Content
Min. 90%


In our standard range of printing options we do not have interior printing available for Eco Mailer Boxes. However, this can be done with a minimum order of 1500 boxes. Contact us for more information.

– You can have your design printed on the inside of the box and keep the exterior blank.
– Consider Product Boxes which offer solid colouring options on the inside

The pricing shown includes the cost of printing your unique graphics and designs. For custom printing options like hot-stamping, embossing/debossing, and UV Varnish (to name only a few), we can tailor this for you via Packhelp Pro. Note that these customizations require a minimum order of 1500 boxes.

It is possible to have a full-colour imprint on Eco Mailer Boxes with natural kraft cardboard. This kind of solution of the natural cardboard finish will require a special flexography process, a stencil tool used for multiple colours on this kind of finish. This process takes more time and complicated the printing process as each colour is applied as a separate layer. Each layer needs to dry before applying the next. As a result, the production for this process will require a minimum order of 1500 boxes.

Yes, you can order Eco Mailer Boxes in any size within our maximums and minimums:

– A minimum height (depth) of 2.4cm (24mm).

– A minimum order quantity of 500 boxes.

– A one-time cutting-die cost of around €240 (depending on the box size). This payment is made only once.

To proceed with a custom-sized Mailer Box, complete our “Get A Quote” form.

Eco Mailer Boxes are made from 90% recycled material. No glue is used in the production process, and images are printed with water-based inks. These features make Eco Mailer boxes a very environmentally friendly packaging solution.

Eco mailer boxes are designed to be sent via traditional delivery methods, such as post and courier. This makes Eco Mailer boxes the perfect delivery packaging for ecommerce brands and subscription box companies. Eco Mailer boxes keep your product safe from the moment you seal them to the moment they’re unboxed.

For larger articles of clothing, we recommend F79 (36.4 x 31.4 x 12.5 cm). This box was tailored for the fashion industry – it’s best for shipping shoes, blouses, trousers and other garments. A slightly smaller box F71 (35 x 26 x 10 cm) will work perfectly for shipping clothes, too.

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